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Tom and Dougie McFly to write children’s book about diarrheic Xmas dinosaur

By | Published on Friday 16 March 2012


McFly’s Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter are to script a seasonal children’s picture book entitled ‘The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas’, publisher Random House has announced.

Fletcher outlines the concept: “It’s about a boy who gets a dinosaur for Christmas which goes on an unstoppable festive eating rampage until Christmas is gone. The only way to get Christmas back is for the dinosaur to poop it out”.

So, a sort of reptilian/faecal interpretation of ‘The Grinch’ meets ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ then. Charmed, I’m sure.

Adding a wish that the book will be “the first of many”, Tom continues: “I think it’s easy to see that this book comes from Dougie’s fascination with dinosaurs, my love for Christmas and a shared obsession with poop”.