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Tom Petty wins no Grammys

By | Published on Monday 9 February 2015

Sam Smith

So, Tom Petty must be doing a little dance for joy this morning, as the song it has now been decided he co-wrote, Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’, was given the Grammy Awards for Song Of The Year and Record Of The Year last night.

Technicalities in the rules mean that Petty himself was not given any prizes, but he can bask in the reflected glory. And a well-timed boost in interest for the song that, I think we all need to remember, he wrote. As did Jeff Lynne, of course, who was at the Grammys ceremony yesterday to perform with Ed Sheeran.

But look at me, detracting from Sam Smith’s success already. He took away four awards in total from this year’s main Grammys bash, making him the night’s big winner. Which is nice. He was also named Best New Artist and the maker of the Best Pop Vocal Album.

Accepting his final trophy of the night for Record Of The Year, and showing no sign of running out of acceptance speeches, Smith said: “I want to thank the man who this record is about, who I fell in love with last year. Thank you so much for breaking my heart because you got me four Grammys”.

So really it was Tom Petty and ‘that’ guy’s night for getting awards by association. Or something like that.

But what was the Kanye news? That’s surely what everyone wants to know. Well, when Beck won the award for Album Of The Year, West launched out of his seat and began marching towards the stage, looking to re-enact his interruption of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Video at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

He stopped himself halfway there and returned to his seat though, but not before Jay-Z had pulled an amazing array of faces.

But if you thought he’d calmed down mid-march, or it was all a joke, you were wrong. Later he appeared on E! where he ranted that Beck should “respect artistry” and give the award to Beyonce. Perhaps the strangest thing about the interview is that everyone there seems to agree with him.

If you, like Kanye, care who wins awards, you can look at the full list of Grammy winners here.