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Tonic Music For Mental Health launches support for musicians and venues

By | Published on Tuesday 16 February 2021

Tonic Music For Mental Health

The Tonic Music For Mental Health charity has launched a new initiative called Tonic Rider, offering mental health support to musicians and people who work at venues through and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

An array of support will be offered by the programme, including groups led remotely by psychotherapist and Babyshambles drummer Adam Ficek.

There will also be digital workshops for and on performance anxiety, acceptance commitment therapy, mindfulness, emotional coping skills, mental health first aid training and suicide prevention, as well as various other digital resources.

“The Tonic Rider peer support group will be a free, safe space to be heard and supported”, says Ficek. “From my experience, there is a huge benefit of being validated in a shared community. The current pandemic has crushed the music industry and subsequently the mental health of many musicians and I feel privileged to give something back by facilitating these groups”.

Tonic Music For Mental Health CEO Steph Langan adds: “Given the current crisis within every area of the music industry, but especially the struggling live sector, we are pleased to bring together our experts to launch the Tonic Rider digital support programme”.

“Providing free, remote support to musicians and venues will allow us to reach the people who need our support the most at this time of great uncertainty and change”, she adds. “Whilst venues are closed, it will be a particularly helpful time for venue staff and musicians to receive vital psychoeducational training, emotional support and access to advice and support via digital resources”.

The charity is also working with organisations like the Night Time Industries Association so that, Langan says, “when the world re-opens, Tonic Rider can offer face-to-face support”.

One of the charity’s patrons, Terry Hall of The Specials, also comments: “These are terribly testing times for those of us with mental health issues. My mental health deteriorated towards the end of last year. The thing that got me through was communication. If you’re suffering, then it is incredibly important to tell people, family, friends, doctors, Tonic! Tell them to check on you… always! Share your health issues – they aren’t problems. Most of all, stay safe, stay secure. We’ll get there!”

Find out more about Tonic Rider here.