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Too Many T’s Ross Standaloft raps about Boris Johnson for media awaiting his politician neighbour

By | Published on Monday 24 June 2019

The South London flat where Prime Ministerial hopeful Boris Johnson currently resides has been in the news for much of this weekend. Most of the reporting has stemmed from the fact that, in the early hours of Friday morning, a neighbour reported a fight that was occurring between Johnson and his partner Carrie Symonds to police. And then to the press.

But hours prior to that, it was another neighbour – Too Many T’s rapper Ross Standaloft – who was drawing press attention, after performing a song about Johnson to the waiting paparazzi.

“Boris Johnson lives literally next door to me”, Standaloft wrote on Facebook. “This evening the paparazzi were asking me questions about him when I got home, so thought I’d give em a snippet of the track I’m writing about old Boris”.

He duly delivered some lines to the press pack, including: “Boris, Boris, he lives next door, his bike’s outside but his money’s off shore / Boris, Boris, he lives next door, I asked for some sugar but he said I’m too poor”.

The track also references the sudden arrival of press photographers in Standaloft’s street since Johnson moved in, saying: “I was heading to a festival and getting into my car / When I saw all you guys, must be waiting on a star / There were cameras in your hand, ‘hey mum, I must have made it large’ / The paparazzi’s here but those flashes didn’t start / Then I heard a mumble grumble and I turned I nearly stumbled, I thought it was a womble but it was that Tory dumb-dumb”.

Responding to one commenter on Facebook, he noted that “most of our street is council owned, it’s weird Boris lives here”. He also denied that it was him who later called the police to investigate the reported fight, saying: “I didn’t call the police! It’s the block next door. [I] wouldn’t be able to hear people in those flats”. Of the track, he then added: “The paps just asked what I thought of my new next door neighbour … so [I] just did it for them!”

See the full performance here: