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Topspin redundancies mark strategy shift

By | Published on Monday 3 February 2014


Direct-to-fan firm Topspin’s previously reported redundancies last week saw fourteen staff lose their jobs, it has been confirmed. This amounted to just under half of its total staff. A spokesperson told Billboard that this was due to a shift in strategy towards becoming a technology platform, rather than providing bespoke services direct to artists.

Meanwhile former Topspin exec Gary Brotman told the trade mag: “They’re focusing on their platform, their technology and their data. That was the idea from the beginning, and going back to that makes sense because it’s Topspin’s strong suit. No one doubts that the potential for direct-to-fan business is there. But what’s the right recipe? Everyone’s tinkering with the formula in their own way. Topspin is doing this by refocusing on their core mission”.

Topspin’s new ArtistLink platform was launched last year, and is now being used by companies like Spotify and Beats Music, and others, to provide merchandise sell-through for artists.