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Travis Scott breaks personal best for Goosebumps performances

By | Published on Wednesday 24 May 2017

Travis Scott

If you go to see Travis Scott perform live at the moment, it seems likely that you’ll get to see him perform your favourite track. So long as that favourite is ‘Goosebumps’. Having set what he believed to be a record for the most performances of the same song in a single concert earlier this month, he’s gone and done it again.

As previously reported, Scott recently performed ‘Goosebumps’ fourteen times in a row at a show in Detroit. That’s two more than Kanye West and Jay-Z, who he was aiming to beat, and who played ‘Niggas In Paris’ from their ‘Watch The Throne’ album twelve times at a 2012 show in Paris.

At a show in Cleveland on Sunday, Scott played the song fifteen times in a row, beating his personal best. Although newly uploaded fan-shot footage shows that he was not performing the track in full, so I’m not sure it counts.

Whether or not it counts is a moot point though, because it turns out that West and Jay-Z didn’t actually hold the record Scott was attempting to break in the first place – ie most performances of one song in one sitting. And neither does Scott himself now. The National, as you should all have remembered, performed their song ‘Sorrow’ over 100 times in one sitting back in 2013. It took them six hours. They also released it as a live album.

If Scott really wants to break this record, he’ll pass it at some point in 2020 at the rate he’s currently going – ie increasing the length of this ‘Goosebumps’ interlude by one more performance each week. Plus he’ll need to start performing more than 20 seconds of the track at a time. Not really worth it, is it?