Trey Songz sued over catchphrase

By | Published on Thursday 17 November 2011

Trey Songz

Rapper Trey Songz and reality TV star Dave ‘The Mogul’ Hester, who appears on a US show called ‘Storage Wars’, have become locked in a legal battle over the world ‘yup’, which they both use as a catchphrase. Well, actually, they’re arguing over the word “YUUUP!”

According to Fox News, it began when Hester trademarked the word in September, prompting Trey Songz’s legal team to send Hester a cease and desist letter telling him to stop using the word on various items of merchandise. They claimed that “YUUUP!” is Songz’s “signature sound”. Hester responded by filing a lawsuit arguing that his use of “YUUUP!” as a catchphrase is “distinct and different” from Songz’s use of “YUUUP!” as a catchphrase.

Hester is seeking undisclosed damages and a court order barring Songz from “interfering” with his use of the word. Yup.