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Tricky details LP feat Tirzah, Blue Daisy and Mykki Blanco

By | Published on Tuesday 1 July 2014


Adrian Thaws, aka star of ‘The Fifth Element’ Tricky, is releasing a new LP titled ‘Adrian Thaws’. It features a bank of CMU faves, not least the approved Tirzah, Blue Daisy and Oh Land, plus fab NY rapper Mykke Blanco, and Francesca Belmonte, Nneka and Bella Gotti besides.

Explaining the significance of using his real name for the title, Tricky says: “Calling it that is saying you don’t really know me. So many times people have tried to put a finger on me and every album I go to a different place”.

And he’s off. Good thing he left behind an ‘Adrian Thaws’ tracklisting (pay close attention to all the ‘feat’ names on that one), and a playback of lead track ‘Nicotine Love’, which ‘feats’ Francesca Belmonte:

Sun Down feat Tirzah
Lonnie Listen feat Mykki Blanco & Francesca Belmonte
Something In The Way feat Francesca Belmonte
Keep Me In Your Shake feat Nneka
The Unloved (skit)
Nicotine Love feat Francesca Belmonte
Gangster Chronicles feat Bella Gotti
I Had A Dream feat Francesca Belmonte
My Palestine Girl feat.Blue Daisy
Why Don’t You feat Bella Gotti
Silly Games feat Tirzah
Right Here feat Oh Land
Silver Tongue – When You Go