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Tricky doesn’t want to work with you, OK?

By | Published on Thursday 23 May 2013


So, Tricky sounds like a fun guy to be around. I don’t know, maybe he is sometimes, when he’s not being forced to rub up against Beyonce, or spend time with pretentious musicians.

First in line for some Tricky dissing today is Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja, aka 3D, with whom the Trickster recently reunited to work on some new music. It didn’t go so well though, he explained to Exberliner: “Don’t get me wrong, he’s got a good heart, 3D, he’s not malicious, he’s not a bad person. But he’s pretentious … I think I did four tracks with him, right, but now I’m getting texts: he texts me going, ‘Oh Tricks, you want to come DJ, you want to come?’ He wants a friend. Not that I don’t want to be his friend, but I got friends and I’ve got family and I don’t want to DJ with him because I know it’d be trendy. 3D is always looking for credibility because he hasn’t got the confidence himself and he doesn’t think he’s a cool guy so he always needs someone who’s a tall black guy”.

But it’s not just former bandmates that Tricky isn’t keen on, it’s potential new collaborators too. Tricky continued: “I’ve been next to Kanye West – I stood next to him in a club and I looked at him and he looked at me and he thought I was going to talk to him. That’s never going to happen. I was in a club once in New York and a guy I know came up to me and said, ‘Hey, Lenny wants to meet you’. And I said, ‘Who the fuck’s Lenny?’ And he goes, ‘Lenny Kravitz’. So I said, ‘What, Lenny Kravitz wants to meet me and he thinks I’m going to get up and go over to him?'”

Slightly stating the patently obvious, he continued: “I’m not a fan of Lenny Kravitz. I don’t want to work with him. So he comes over, says to me ‘I love your music’. Then there’s a silence, because he’s expecting me to say something nice back to him. Then he says to me ‘You should come to Miami, I have a studio there’. ‘Why would I come to Miami? I live in New York, I have a studio here’. He’s like, ‘We could do some recording together’. I say to him ‘Why? Why would we record together?’ He’s got no logical answer. So if he thinks I’m going to do it just because he’s a massive artist, and it would help me with my record sales – never going to happen”.

So, there you go. Tricky: Not a fan of small talk.