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Troy Carter launches online magazine for tech, culture and hustle

By | Published on Wednesday 4 March 2015

Troy Carter

Troy Carter, still probably best known as one-time Lady Gaga manager, but also boss of the Atom Factory entertainment firm, has moved into the business media domain by launching Smashd, a new “online news vertical” covering “tech, culture and hustle”.

Hmm, ‘hustle’. Should we be covering hustle? Do we need a new Head Of Hustle to ensure we’re not missing out on any of the latest hustling? Maybe we could sack our Disruptive Business Models Correspondent and hire a Head Of Hustle instead. That would be a disruptive hustle, right?

Anyway, former Forbes writer-editor Lori Kozlowski is helping Carter launch the site, which, apparently, came about from internal conversations within the Atom Factory. “You’d go through blog after blog”, Carter told Billboard. “And for us – living between the tech, music and pop-culture worlds – it just didn’t feel like there was one place where we could call home or a hub, especially as told through a very original lens”.

Features rather than announcements seem to be the aim, with Carter adding: “It’s very rare when you can get a real glimpse inside the life of an entrepreneur. So for us, most of the stories we’re gonna be covering, like through a series called ‘In Residence’, will give a glimpse inside their environment”.

So that’s all very interesting. Though it’s just occurred to me we don’t have an Online News Vertical News section in the CMU Daily in which to file this story. Maybe I’ll hustle one up over lunch.