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Troy Carter unveils new artist services business

By | Published on Wednesday 3 April 2019

Troy Carter

Artist manager Troy Carter has announced his first big new venture since departing his artist-facing role at Spotify last year. It’s basically a new artist services business that will “empower the next generation of artists through technology, tools and services”. And what next gen artist doesn’t want some technology, tools and services?

The new business will be called Q&A and sees Carter partner again with the Co-President of his former company Atom Factory, J Erving. He brings to the venture a distribution and label services company he set up last year called Human Re Sources.

Also on board to run the new company is Suzy Ryoo, who has previously worked with Carter at both Atom Factory and the venture capital fund they are both involved in. And Tim Luckow, who previously worked at label/management firm GHouse and is a co-founder of Stem, the finance management platform for music makers.

“My time spent at Spotify allowed me the opportunity to see gaps that still exists between the music business and technology”, says Carter of the new venture. “Modern artists have to be more entrepreneurial than ever before. They’re looking for a lot more than music distribution, they want experienced teams that can help build long-lasting careers. We designed the company to allow artists of any size to have a shot at success. Whether you choose to stay independent or continue on to major label, our goal is to help creators through the process with a high level of service and intuitive software”.

Meanwhile your main man Erving adds: “Troy is one of the smartest and forward-thinking people I know. This industry is ever-changing and creators are more proactive today than I’ve ever seen. Troy and I have always taken an artist-forward approach to the music business and we believe that artists and their needs should always be put first”.