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Tulisa found guilty over blogger assault

By | Published on Friday 25 July 2014


You win some, you lose some, I guess. Following the spectacular collapse of the drugs case against Tulisa Contostavlos earlier this week, after a judge questioned the testimony of the Sun journalist whose sting had led to the drugs charges, the N-Dubz star has not faired so well in her other court dealings.

As previously reported, celebrity blogger Vas J Morgan claimed that Contostavlos attacked him while in a “drunken and angry state” as he was leaving last year’s V Festival. Her assistant Gareth Varey was also accused of using threatening behaviour.

The N-Dubber said that Morgan had a vendetta against her relating to a time she’d had him removed from the VIP area of a London club, while her lawyers questioned whether the blogger had been injured at all, because the main evidence was since deleted photographs.

But it seems that the judge found Morgan’s case more convincing, with Contostavlos found guilty this morning and ordered to pay at £200 fine. Varey though, last seen apologising for claiming to Sun hacks he knew Simon Cowell was gay, was cleared of his charges.