TuneCore bosses sensitive about talking Price

By | Published on Thursday 1 November 2012


Having published a lengthy interview with the former boss of TuneCore recently, Digital Music News reckoned it was only fair to chat to someone still with the independent digital distribution firm, to find out what was going on there.

Particularly given founder and former CEO Jeff Price’s statement that “I don’t know who the CEO is [now]. I don’t think there is one. From what I understand, it seems that a banker with zero experience in the music industry, with no understanding of the nuances of the sector, is running the company”.

But while TuneCore’s PR reps initially seemed interested in having one of the digital firm’s current management give their side of the story, it quickly emerged that a condition of interviewing any current TuneCore exec would be that the big bad Price could not be mentioned. Which might be just one condition, but given recent events at the company, that rule would pretty much render the interview pointless, resulting in this kind of conversation.

DMN reports that “after beating around the bush a bit, this was flatly emailed to us by TuneCore’s press relations group during setup: ‘I’m just letting you know that he [Price] is no longer the CEO and my client, TuneCore, wants reassurance that this article will not make reference of him. That is it'”.

DMN’s Paul Resnikoff adds: “The interview never happened”. Own goal TuneCore.