Tunecore CEO exits

By | Published on Thursday 16 August 2012


The CEO of independent digital distribution firm Tunecore, Jeff Price, has left the company, it has been confirmed. Although there have been rumours of tensions between the company’s board and its founders for a few weeks, Price’s departure has still surprised many – if only because, as a vocal and often candid player in the digital music space, he has become eponymous with the company he co-founded in 2006. Another founder, Peter Wells, has also been eased out.

A blog post from Price confirming his departure yesterday mainly goes over his and his company’s achievements in the last six years, and says little about the circumstances of his departure, or his future plans, if he has any as yet. Though he does conclude: “Peter and I look forward to continuing to change the industry on a global scale to the further betterment of artists, songwriters and investors and to issuing our next announcement”.

There are various theories regards Price’s exit. Some reckon board members felt Price could be too confrontational, citing the firm’s ultimately resolved squabble with Amazon earlier this year. Some reckon the board disagreed with Price’s integration of Tunecore’s primary recordings distribution business and it’s music publishing interests when doing deals with digital providers, something which, according to Billboard, delayed the firm’s signing up to Rdio. Others simply reckon there were concerns regards the company’s financials, despite the firm seemingly doing well to outsiders.

Either way, Tunecore without Price is likely to be a very different place. And what Price does next will be interesting to watch.