TuneCore co-founders announce YouTube revenue service

By | Published on Friday 14 June 2013


TuneCore co-founders Jeff Price and Peter Wells, the former of whom was pushed out of the company acrimoniously last summer, have launched a new venture, called Audiam. The aim of the new business is to ensure that independent musicians are properly credited and remunerated on YouTube videos.

In a statement, Price said: “Until now, artists have not had the needed access to make money from YouTube – access that has almost exclusively been the world of the major labels. As we did with TuneCore, Peter and I are going to make sure every artist has access to the same services as the majors and gets their money whenever and wherever their music is used”.

Currently the service is available everywhere outside the US, with the company’s website saying that North American musicians will be granted access “shortly”, after it has been refined through testing elsewhere.