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Turner says it’s time for a new guitar sound

By | Published on Thursday 7 April 2011

Alex Turner

Arctic Monkey Alex Turner has told NME he thinks the ‘next big thing’ will be just another young guitar band, emerging in the same way his young guitar band emerged back in 2005. This was apparently in response to a recent debate in the press about how guitar music is in trouble. Yes, that old chestnut.

He told the music mag: “Everyone thinks that the next big thing has got to sound really modern and new, but to get something that sounds fresh, it can just be three kids with guitars and not a lot else. There’s enough username-and-password music already, know what I mean? I hope it does happen again, though”.

Speaking about his own band’s subsequent work, and the special quality inherent in a first album, he added: “We’ll never get that initial naivety back. You can’t, like, fake that thing, like what’s on the first record. It’s just a time and a place… but yeah, I’d love for a band to come through and turn the charts upside down for a couple of weeks”.