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Twitter to shut its standalone music app

By | Published on Monday 24 March 2014

Twitter #music

Twitter has confirmed that it is axing its #Music app, the social media company’s attempt at building a music discovery service, which tapped into the know-how of the short-lived We Are Hunted platform it acquired in 2012 and linked users off to music content on other third-party sites.

Despite some celebrity-backed hype when launched just under a year ago, the #Music app never really caught on, in many ways hindered by the fact it sat outside the main Twitter ecosystem. So much so, rumours circulated last October that the digital firm was considering dropping the music-themed service.

On Friday Twitter HQ announced it was pulling the app from Apple’s app store, and would shut the service down completely on 18 Apr. While there is no news on any replacement music-specific service as yet, the company did say this weekend that it would “continue to experiment with new ways to bring you great content based on the music activity we see every day on Twitter”.