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Two further women accuse Nelly of sexual assault

By | Published on Friday 26 January 2018


Nelly has been accused of two further instances of sexual assault in a new legal filing, which updates litigation originally launched against him last year.

Monique Greene countersued Nelly last month after he initially sued her for defamation. The defamation action related to Greene’s allegations that he had raped her on his tour bus back in October last year. He went legal after she declined to participate in a criminal investigation into the rape allegations.

In her updated lawsuit, Greene details accusations made by two more women, which she claims prove that the rapper has “a distinctive modus operandi, to use his status as a celebrity musical performer to sexually assault selected women who attend his concerts”.

Nelly was arrested on charges of rape after Greene called police in October, having been ejected from his tour bus. She says that she met Nelly at a club in Auburn, Washington where she worked and he was performing. After socialising with him, she and a friend were invited to an “after party”, which turned out to be on his tour bus. Once on board, Greene says that Nelly took her to his bedroom at the back of the bus, began masturbating in front of her, and then raped her.

Her lawsuit then states that, after she got out of Nelly’s bedroom, his entourage threw her off the bus, declaring that, because she was in a state of distress, she had become “a problem”. Nelly then threw a $100 bill out of the door after her and taunted her from the window. Initially calling an Uber to take her home, when the driver arrived she asked him to wait while she called the police. After interviewing both her and Nelly, he was arrested.

The rapper’s lawyer quickly put out statements denying that he had assaulted Greene, claiming that she was making her accusations in pursuit of fame and money. Nelly also issued a statement on Twitter saying that he was “the victim of a false allegation” and that he would “pursue every legal option” to clear his name.

Greene, meanwhile, fully cooperated with the police investigation and, according to her lawsuit, was interviewed by police under the condition of anonymity. However, the following day “the commander of the police department issued a statement to media advising that Ms Greene had met with the police and prosecutor the day before”.

Already identified as the alleged victim by people who had seen her leave the club with Nelly, she says that this opened her up to a barrage of attacks online. Although the police subsequently issued an apology for breaching her confidentiality, this is seemingly why she pulled out of the investigation, her lawyer stating that she felt that “the system was going to fail her”.

Although she seemingly then hoped to put the whole matter behind her, Nelly quickly sued for defamation. She responded with her own defamation suit, accusing Nelly and his lawyer of making false statements about her, which amounted to bullying a witness.

In the newly amended version of those legal papers, she now includes accounts of two other alleged incidents involving Nelly assaulting women. The women are not named, but both incidents took place in the UK. One at the Cliffs Pavilion in Southend and the other – according to The Guardian – at Koko in London, although the lawsuit does not specifically state this.

The alleged assault in London was against an American soldier based in the UK. After a meet and greet, it is claimed, he invited her and a friend back to his dressing room. After spending time together, he then invited them to an “after party”. It then became apparent that he expected to have sex with the woman, even though they had already been discussing the fact that she was married. He then put his hand up her skirt, at which point she grabbed his hand and pulled it away.

He again asked her to join him at the after party and offered to pay for her train fare the next day. She attempted to leave the room, but he closed the door. At this point, say the legal papers, his security arrived to see what was happening and the woman and her friend left.

The second alleged assault in Essex also took place after the woman in question attended a meet and greet event after the show with a group of friends. After talking for a while, Nelly invited her to an after party. She declined, but he then invited her to his dressing room. Once inside, he allegedly blocked the exit, dropped his trousers and began masturbating, saying “you want this dick, don’t you?’

The woman told him that she was not interested, attempting to diffuse the situation by explaining that she had a husband and three children. Nelly protested and attempted to undress her. After various attempts to evade his advances, it is claimed that she told him to “pull your trousers back up and fuck off”.

At this point, she says that the rapper’s demeanour changed and he clenched his fist. She asked if he was going to hit her, to which he responded, “no, I’m just frustrated. I’m not used to not getting my way. Just do it”. He then allegedly grabbed her head and forced his erect penis into her mouth. She managed to break away from him and get out of the room, with him shouting “cunt” after her.

Returning to her friends, she says that she was in too much shock to speak. Nelly then caught up to her and threatened, “I will find you”. She says she believes the assault would have continued further had she not managed to return to her friends. She also says that she considered going to the police, but felt that she would not have been believed.

The lawsuit states that the three accusations made against Nelly show a pattern of actions, in which he selects a female fan at a show, divides her from her friends and then often begins masturbating in front of her before assaulting her. Photographic evidence is also provided to show that the women had been with Nelly before their alleged assaults.

Greene is seeking damages for “personal damage, emotional trauma, humiliation, loss of reputation and loss of enjoyment of life”. She adds that she has lost earnings due to being barred from entering the club where she met Nelly and at least one other club in the area. She also temporarily dropped out of university due to the trauma, losing already paid tuition fees.

As well as this, she is requesting a specific injunction against “Nelly (and his penis)”, prohibiting him from sexually assaulting female fans after concerts. There is already a legal imperative to this effect, of course, under the criminal law. Although such an injunction may aid future civil action if he did not adhere to it.

Nelly has not yet responded to the new accusations.