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Two Glastonbury 2011 headliners booked, says Eavis

By | Published on Friday 6 August 2010

Michael Eavis has confirmed that “two of the three main performers have already been booked” for next year’s Glastonbury, though neither are U2, who were forced to cancel their performance this year after Bono did his back in.

Although Eavis told BBC News you shouldn’t get too hung up over who the headliners are: “Although it is very good to get headline artists, like Stevie Wonder and Muse, that’s not the whole story. There’s a lot more going on at Glastonbury and that’s why we’re so popular”.

On his duet with Stevie Wonder during the singer’s headline set this year, which has come in for a little criticism, Eavis said: “Obviously I was very flattered and I do sing a lot – I’m not afraid of singing – but the techie people didn’t give me an ear plug. There was millions of people cheering at me, which is lovely, and I couldn’t hear the tune, so I was having to wing it … I can sing in tune but I didn’t know what the tune was. So I was just lip reading it and making the best of it”.

He added that Muse had also asked him to sing with them the previous night “but then they changed their minds so I got dropped by Muse and taken on by Stevie Wonder – wasn’t that good?”