Tyler schedules Odd Future LP as Earl Sweatshirt is set free

By | Published on Thursday 9 February 2012

Odd Future

Unable to keep quiet any longer about the release date of Odd Future’s forthcoming ensemble LP,’OF Tape Vol 2′, OFWGKTA mouthpiece Tyler, The Creator has revealed that said record is, in fact, due out on “the 20th”. I’m going to take a leap of faith and interpret that as 20 Mar, or, in the case of us UK residents, 19 Mar, though it could just as easily mean the 20th of never.

Tweets Tyler: “ALL NEW SHIT FROM ME, FRANK [Ocean], HODGY [Beats], LEFTBRAIN DOMO [Genesis], MIKE G, AND UH… HOPEFULLY… YA KNOW”. Yeah… I just about think I do.

Tyler also posted this pic of the album’s cover art. If you’re wondering, it features the quizzical countenance of one Lucas Vercetti, a pro-skater type and fringe affiliate of the Odd Future collective. Lucky old Lucas.

Elsewhere in Odd Future-related developments, infamous OF protégée Earl Sweatshirt, rumoured to have been exiled by his concerned mother to a Samoan correctional facility, is apparently free at last.

A Twitter account credited to the rapper posted up part of new track ‘Home’, adding: “Nigga need followers. Give me 50,000 and I’ll release this shit for everybody”.

Preview what little exists of ‘Home’ here: