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Tyler, The Creator unveils macadamia-nut-free ice cream

By | Published on Wednesday 3 July 2019

Tyler, The Creator has an ice cream now. How many artists can say that? Well, more than I thought, it turns out. But still not that many. And none of them have mint or white chocolate in theirs, let alone both mint and white chocolate together. And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, Tyler’s ice cream also includes no macadamia nuts.

“As much as I love chocolate chip cookies, I can’t get over the fact that someone made the universal rule that they always have to come with those useless macadamia nuts”, says the rapper, for no apparent reason.

Focusing on what is – rather than is not – in his new product, he then continued: “For as long as I can remember mint ice cream seemed to always come with every chocolate chip but white. I finally got the two away from their clingy friends and set up a play date for my mouth”.

Are white chocolate chips always paired with macadamia nuts? Would people have assumed that there were macadamia nuts in this ice cream if he’d not confirmed otherwise? Someone in this story is overthinking things, and I’m not sure who at this point.

But who even made this all happen? Well, it was Jeni Britton Bauer, artisan ice cream maker and boss of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. But how? Well, here’s her explanation if you’d just stop asking questions and let someone else get a word in.

“Tyler, The Creator and I collided in the cosmic ether sometime in 2017”, she says. “We met in person a year later and discovered, through ice cream, a shared love of people, colour, scent and flavour. [This ice cream] is the result of that meeting – an idea from Tyler made into an ice cream. It’s cool and warm. Ivory green. Peppermint with a whiff of spearmint. A little buttery with flakes of white chocolate. Like a huge snowfall that warms the air”.

US-based ice cream fans (and/or Tyler, The Creator fans) will be able to buy the ice cream via the Jeni’s website and in physical shops later this week. And if you take nothing else from this, just bask in the discovery that online mail order ice cream is a thing.