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UK Eurovision entrant offered second performance after stage invasion

By | Published on Monday 14 May 2018

Eurovision Song Contest

Organisers of the Eurovision Song Contest have confirmed that they offered UK entrant SuRie the opportunity to perform her song for a second time after her stint at the big show on Saturday night was interrupted by a short stage invasion.

However she declined the offer, possibly because no one should have to listen to that tepid song twice. Or maybe the British Eurovision team thought SuRie being rudely interrupted in that way might score some sympathy votes. We still came third from last, though.

It’s thought the stage invader was Dr ACactivism, a self-declared “philosopher, activist and DJ/MC” who was previously seen stage invading ‘The Voice’ and the ‘National Television Awards’ in the UK, seemingly in protest against the big bad media corporations.

Eurovision owners the European Broadcasting Union said an internal investigation is underway as to how the protestor got all the way to the stage at the big Song Contest in Lisbon, though they added that he was being pursued by security at the time and that “he was removed off stage after seven seconds and is being questioned by police”.

In other news, Israel won the big Contest in an admirable celebration of the noble art of clucking like a chicken in pop songs.