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UK festivals kept going by ‘super fans’ says new research

By | Published on Tuesday 9 August 2016


A quarter of UK festival-goers attend an average of four events a year each, according to new research carried out by ticketing firm Eventbrite. Dubbed the ‘super fan’, this type of festival-goer spends more per year on tickets – on average, £581 each – than all other types of festival fan that the survey identified combined.

As well as contributing financially, the research found that super fans also acted as ambassadors for their favourite festivals, keeping their friends informed of which events are cool. They also tend to be more active on social media, spreading the word that way too.

In terms of what attracts consumers at large to festivals – the survey found that for 32% of people it was the headliners, the second most popular factor being that friends were going, at 16%. The favourite genre of the average festival attendee is alternative/modern rock, at 59%, though that could be skewed by the programming of many British festivals. 43% of those surveyed also listed dance as one of their top genres.

Commenting on the research, Eventbrite’s Marino Fresch said: “UK festivals have flourished to the point of saturation, so it’s never been more important for promoters to know their customers. Our research indicates that a group of loyal super fans drive revenues, attendances and power the market. Festival promoters would do well to nurture the super fans of tomorrow”.

You can download the full report here, if you think that’s something you might like to do.