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UK Music welcomes government’s new review of the creative industries

By | Published on Tuesday 24 January 2017

UK Music

So, Tezza May over there in the Downing Streets yesterday pressed the print icon at the top of her word processing application of choice, and seconds later her dot matrix printer was churning out copies of a 132 page ‘industrial strategy’. So, everything’s sorted now. Brilliant.

So far seventeen people have read it, and fortunately for us that includes someone at UK Music, which has welcomed the fact that the creative industries are included as one of the government’s key sectors. To prove that commitment to all things creative, Mrs Maybe has asked former Arts Council England Chair Peter Bazalgette to write a report. Because what’s more creative than yet another government report?

UK Music says that it “looks forward to playing an important part” in the Bazalgette’s big review of Britain’s creative industries, adding that it “hopes to see the music industry’s unique offering integrated into future plans as one of the ‘world-leading sectors’ cultivated within the strategy”. Don’t we all? I know I do.

Says UK Music boss Jo Dipple: “Music, with all its associated businesses, contributes £4.1 billion to the UK economy and is at the forefront of exerting our soft-power overseas. It is also a prime example of an industry which has successfully adapted and embraced a new digital future. Our industry is in a prime position to grow and thrive”.

“The announcement that Sir Peter Bazalgette is to take a lead in fashioning a deal for the creative industries is encouraging and sends a powerful message about the importance of this valuable sector”, she goes on.

Dipple then concludes that “the government’s strategy commitments to the development of skills, starting and growing businesses, encouraging trade and inward investment, cultivating world-leading sectors and driving growth are all to be welcomed and supported”.

So consider them both welcomed and supported. Actually, I’m a bit busy this morning. Could I welcome them now and support them later, maybe?