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Ultraísta announce return with first album since 2012

By | Published on Thursday 16 January 2020


Vocalist Laura Bettinson – aka Femme – producer Nigel Godrich and drummer Joey Waronker have announced ‘Sister’, their first album as Ultraísta for the best part of a decade.

“All three of us have so many transferable skills,” explains Godrich. “Ultraísta is an opportunity to do something outside what we’d normally be doing. It’s all of us wearing different hats. For me, when I’m working with another creative force, my point of entry into the music is completely different. With this project it can take a lot longer because we’re able to be more self-indulgent. It’s a control freak’s dream!”

Less of a control freak’s dream were efforts to promote the group’s 2012 debut album, which did not quite go to plan. Godrich continues: “When we tried to tour, we ran into a full catalogue of disasters that ended up grounding everything to a halt. During soundcheck for our first US show Joey got a phone call that his first-born child had come two months early. I think he literally hit his snare once, then had to get on a plane back home”.

“Laura and I had to re-learn the whole set and try to get on without Joey”, he adds. “And then the next time we came to the US, Hurricane Sandy hit. Slowly we all got pulled back into our other projects until eventually six years went by”.

Now back on track, ‘Sister’ is set for release through Partisan Records on 13 Mar. Here’s the first track from it, ‘Tin King’: