Uncut revamps

By | Published on Tuesday 28 February 2012


IPC Media will relaunch its Uncut title today, with a new design and various new editorial features, including the republishing of old interviews from IPC’s music archives, including classic features from the NME and long defunct music weekly Melody Maker. A revamped reviews section will also extend the coverage of catalogue reissues and such like.

Commenting on the use of the IPC archives, Uncut Editor Allan Jones told reporters: “For years this [content] has been fairly dormant. There have been one or two attempts to make use of it, like the Ultimate Music Guides, but it is coming up with the idea and context for the material. There is stuff in the archive which is just amazing”.

On the revamped reviews section, he continued: “If there is one thing we know about our readers, it is [that] they love reviews and they love reading about music. It seemed an opportune moment [to redesign the reviews section] because there are so many lavish box sets coming out these days with so many extras, it can get a bit mind-boggling”.

Uncut, like all newsstand music magazines, has seen its circulation decline in recent years. The revamp would suggest a stepped up focus on an older demographic who, presumably, are more prone to splash out on a print magazine once a month.