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Under-inflated tyres caused TRVS-AM plane crash

By | Published on Wednesday 7 April 2010

Dangerously under-inflated tires caused the plane carrying Blink 182’s Travis Barker and the late Adam ‘DJ AM’ Goldstein to crash back in 2008. That is the finding of a US federal investigation, the results of which have been revealed by the Associated Press. The report says all four tyres burst as the plane sped down the runway, damaging the hydraulic system and causing the jet’s brakes to fail. The plane then burst into flames.

As previously reported, the two pilots and Barker and Goldstein’s two co-passengers were killed in the crash. The drummer and DJ were both seriously injured. Barker and the families of the other passengers (Goldstein having subsequently died of a drugs overdose, of course) have since sued and reached settlements with the two companies who chartered the jet. Those companies are now reportedly suing Learjet and Bombardier over allegations the plane itself had “unreasonably dangerous defects”.

The federal report also raises concerns that the tyres on other private jets may be under-inflated, some dangerously so. Suddenly having to get around the world on EasyJet isn’t sounding such a bad deal.