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Underworld avoiding old age

By | Published on Friday 20 August 2010

Underworld have said that they collaborated with a number of newer artists on their new album, ‘Barking’, because they were worried that they were becoming an ‘old’ band.

As previously reported, the album was created by the duo in their Essex studio, though most tracks were then sent to other producers for additional production type tweaking, which is interesting, making this a bit like a remix album for an LP that was never released.

The Duo’s Karl Hyde told Metro: “We didn’t want to be in an ‘old’ band. Our heroes were people such as Miles Davis, Bowie and Picasso, who had the ability to constantly reinvent themselves. They didn’t have a problem working with younger people. We’ve always been about jamming, and passing ideas back and forth. When we were working with Anthony Minghella [on the soundtrack for 2006 film ‘Breaking And Entering’], he’d get us in to talk about film edits”.

He added: “When Rick and I came together in the early 1980s, we were listening to a lot of German electronica and Jamaican reggae. We’d always come back to making sounds to make your body move. And for seventeen, eighteen years we’d walk out on stage with no set list and just improvise. Underworld was based on a concept of disaster – whenever something went wrong, the audience would get excited because you’d have to use your intuition”.

The album will be released under a ‘services deal’ with Cooking Vinyl later this year.