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Union J want to mend 1D/Wanted relations

By | Published on Wednesday 8 May 2013

Union J

Don’t worry people, no need anymore to lose sleep over the only slightly made up One Direction/The Wanted feud, because Union J, the only slightly made up ‘X-Factor’ boy band, are going to sort it out.

Asked about who they might like to collaborate with by Star magazine, the group’s Jaymi Hensley said: “We’re hoping we could bring One Direction and The Wanted together and get them to make friends again. We’ll stand in the middle so they don’t have a scrap. We’ve [just] lost JLS… us boybands have to stick together. We need love and lots of hugs – not fighting”.

Yeah, Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry, Louis, Max, Siva, Jay, Tom and Nathan, it’s all about the love and hugs remember. And the money. All that money.