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Universal Music announces wide-ranging new deal with Aerosmith

By | Published on Tuesday 24 August 2021

Universal Music has announced a wide-ranging new partnership with Aerosmith that will cover the band’s entire recordings catalogue, plus future recording, audio-visual and merchandise projects.

The catalogue part of the deal is perhaps the most interesting. Although some of Aerosmith’s big albums from the 1980s and 1990s were released by Geffen – which became part of what is now Universal Music in the middle of that era – the rest of the band’s records were released by Sony Music’s Columbia label. Seemingly all that music will be under the control of Universal from next year.

In terms of future projects, as well as new albums there are plans for TV and film productions too, and also to pursue projects that utilise music, photos, footage and artwork from the band’s archives. Aerosmith already works on merchandise ventures with Epic Rights, which was acquired by Universal’s merch business Bravado in 2019.

Announcing the big new partnership, Universal Music boss Lucian Grainge says: “Aerosmith’s global success places them in rarefied air among the all-time greatest rock icons. On the band’s 50th anniversary, Aerosmith continues to influence the course of music not only through their iconic catalogue but also through film, television and video games and their inimitable style”.

“On a personal note”, he goes on, “I couldn’t be prouder that they have chosen UMG as their global partner. We look forward to building upon their incredible legacy and ensuring their music continues to inspire fans around the world”.

Meanwhile the band’s Joe Perry adds: “It’s been a long road but I’m extremely happy and proud to say on behalf of Aerosmith we have been able to bring our 50 years of music under one roof by partnering with UMG. This will allow us to bring our music to our fans in ways we never were able to before. It’s something we’ve dreamed about happening for a long time”.

“It’s a win for Aerosmith, UMG and ultimately our fans”, he continues. “Needless to say we are very excited. It’s an incredible way to celebrate 50 years and the many more years to come”.

And the band’s manager Larry Rudolph adds: “I couldn’t be happier for the band members and their families. Not only are we bringing together the band’s entire catalogue in one place, but we’re entrusting these recordings to the very capable hands of Sir Lucian, [Universal Music Enterprises boss] Bruce Resnikoff and the incredible UMG system worldwide”.