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Universal Music Publishing allies with Auddly

By | Published on Friday 19 January 2018


Universal Music Publishing has announced the launch of a pilot programme with Auddly, the songwriter-led digital start-up that is trying to ensure the music industry gets decent music rights data quickly whenever new songs are written.

Good data means more efficient payment for songwriters. And indeed, bad data can mean no payment at all. Who knew spreadsheets were such an important part of being a successful songwriter? Well, Auddly did. Hence why they’ve been trying to help songwriters populate those spreadsheets with accurate information, even as they float around the room in excitement over having just completed the next big (possibly, maybe, who knows?) hit.

Through its new alliance with Universal’s music publishing business, Auddly hopes to make its tools available to more songwriters. Those tools chiefly help writers track their creative process, and communicate with their creative collaborators, while also ensuring that the data the music industry needs gets logged once works are completed.

Confirming the music publishing major was now collaborating with Auddly on a pilot programme, Universal Music Publishing chief Jody Gerson said yesterday: “As part of our commitment to support songwriters through new and creative technology solutions, UMPG is always looking to improve data management and streamline the song delivery process. Auddly’s user-friendly tool is a step forward in that effort and will hopefully set a new standard for the industry”.

Speaking for his side, Auddly co-founder Niclas Molinder added: “The key to a functioning music industry is full cooperation around one system for song data collection. Auddly is independent and open for all parties and we hope that UMPG’s forward-thinking way will inspire other publishers and rights societies to join us for a sustainable music industry”.

Meanwhile, Max Martin, one of the songwriters backing the Auddly business, jumped in to say: “Auddly enables songwriters and producers like me to keep track of all projects from inception to release – and to make sure that those who look after our rights have all the correct information right from the start. So this is a great step forward for music creators all around the world towards a fairer and more transparent music industry”.