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Universal Music renews deal with PlayMPE promo service

By | Published on Thursday 7 January 2016

Universal Music

Few things in the history of humanity have brought together such a disparate conglomeration of distinct and diverse characters in an alliance of united cohesion as the music promo service PlayMPE.

Because however much the music critics of the world may differ on the merits of this record, or the artistic value of that song, or who exactly it is who will be the “next big thing”, and why we even bother asking such a question, given the hit rate of the average next big thing list is likely no higher than statistical science would otherwise dictate, the one thing that unites music journalists everywhere is the single fixed firm fact that PlayMPE is the shittest, most badly thought out, most unhelpful, unfriendly, unfit for purpose technology to have ever been embraced by a record industry which has dabbled with a fun factory full of shit, badly thought out, unhelpful, unfriendly and unfit for purpose technologies.

So good news everybody, PlayMPE maker Destiny Media Technologies has renewed its partnership with Universal Music to continue providing its PlayMPE global distribution service to the world’s biggest music company!

“We are very happy to announce that we have extended our agreement with UMG”, says Destiny Media Technologies CFO Fred Vandenberg. And why wouldn’t you be? Uniting the world’s music journalists in a sea of beautiful harmony. “The renewal is guaranteed to generate at least the same amount of revenue annually as in the previous year”. Oh yeah, that too I suppose. “We feel that the renewal of this contract is an important step as we continue to position the company for growth and profitability in the years to come”.

Or, as music journalists are prone to say, “Oh well, at least it’s not CRight”.