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Universal partners with Super Hi-Fi

By | Published on Thursday 6 June 2019

Universal Music

Universal Music has signed a super new deal with Super Hi-Fi, a company which uses artificial intelligence to stuff additional audio between tracks as music is streamed.

Super Hi-Fi’s tech can do various things, from handling crossfades to inserting anything from adverts to track information between songs. Which is something both companies reckon is going to become more important as streaming moves over to smart speakers. Basically, they’re trying to invent radio.

“The digital music landscape is undergoing dramatic change as technology creates demand for personalised music experiences across multiple sectors”, says Super Hi-Fi co-founder John Bolton. “We are excited to work with UMG, a global leader in innovation across the music industry, to advance this space”.

He goes on: “With the shift to smart speakers and voice-controlled experiences comes a completely anonymous listening experience with no visual interface and no visual branding. Super Hi-Fi’s AI-powered technologies create compelling, branded audio and production-quality experiences, both of which are critical needs for music experience providers to stay competitive”.

Michael Nash, UMG’s Executive Vice President of Digital Strategy, adds: “Universal Music is constantly focused on leveraging technology to provide new experiences to music fans around the world. Were excited about the kind of in-stream audio enhancements made possible by Super Hi-Fi, which can help artists deepen connections with fans and drive longer-term engagement for digital music services”.

More compelling, branded, audio enhancements, production-quality experiences, deeper connections and longer-term engagement in multiple sectors? What exciting times we live in!