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Universal Publishing signs REM

By | Published on Friday 11 March 2016


Your good friends over at Universal Music Publishing have only gone and signed a publishing agreement with REM that is, says this here piece of paper, both “exclusive” and “worldwide”. My favourite kind of publishing agreement!

Seemingly pleased to now be repping the REM oeuvre, Universal Music Publishing boss Jody Gerson told reporters: “REM is one of a small number of benchmark artists who have changed the course of popular music during their renowned career and, over the past 30 years, they have been the model for every artist that wants to organically develop their career with the ambition of someday reaching ‘best band in the world’ status. We are honoured that REM has chosen us to take care of their generation-defining catalogue”.

Speaking for the now defunct band, REM manager Bertis Downs said: “As a band and an organisation, we are excited to join forces with Universal Music Publishing for the next phase of REM’s legacy career. [The band’s] body of work stands alongside any artist and the Universal machine is unparalleled in terms of what we look for in a global publisher”.

Talking of which, did Kenneth ever tell us what the frequency was? I don’t think he did. The bastard.