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University Of Brighton and CMU team up to put the spotlight on music data

By | Published on Friday 16 October 2020

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The University Of Brighton is next week teaming up with CMU Insights to present a series of free-to-access webinars and online panels looking at the role data plays in the music and wider creative industries, under the banner ‘Music Data, Discovery & Innovation’.

It’s part of a programme called DRIVA arts DRIVA, via which the university is providing support, training and funding to practitioners and businesses working at the intersection of creativity, the arts and technology.

The webinars and panels will allow those practitioners and businesses to access expert insights and knowledge about the various different ways data is impacting on the music business, in terms of rights, curation, marketing, fanbase building and business development.

The webinars will be available on-demand, while six panel discussions will take place over Thursday and Friday as follows…

Thursday 22 Oct
1pm: Introduction To Copyright And Ownership
2pm: The Basics Of Music Data
3pm: Organising Music Data

Friday 23 Oct
2pm: Accessing And Using Customer, Fan And Audience Data
3pm: What Does ‘Data-Driven’ Really Mean?
4pm: Making Money Through Data

Commenting on next week’s programme, Brighton University’s Donna Close says: “Music and performing arts are an important part of the creative industries which generate more than £1.2 billion in GVA in the ‘coast to capital’ area. The music industry is also the epitome of successful fusion of creative, technical and business skills. The future of the music industry relies on understanding how to understand and work with data and digital technologies. This is a brilliant opportunity for music businesses to find out more about what data is and how to make it work for them to innovate and flourish”.

Meanwhile, CMU’s Sam Taylor adds: “All music businesses need to understand data. Whether it’s data from streaming to get insights into how fans are listening to your music; geographical data to understand where your fans are; rights and usage data to ensure the right people get paid; or device data to understand how people are consuming marketing content, all music businesses are in the data business. We’re excited to be working with DRIVA arts DRIVA to show music businesses that data is nothing to be scared of”.

For more information about next week’s webinars and panels – and the wider DRIVA arts DRIVA project and the funding opportunities it offers ‘coast to capital’ businesses – and to sign up, go to

DRIVA arts DRIVA is a £1.3m University of Brighton research project funded by the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020 and Arts Council England.