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Unlikely release rumour round-up: Cheryl Cole may borrow Lana Del Rey track, while Doherty contemplates hip hop remodel

By | Published on Tuesday 6 March 2012

Cheryl Cole

At last, a worthy recipient of the “three CDs’ worth” of extra material that failed to make the final cut of Lana Del Rey’s bestselling debut, ‘Born To Die’. It’s only Cheryl Cole, who has apparently asked to record a song initially intended for Del Rey for her third long player.

A source informs The Sun of Chez’s chosen track, which is described as an “urban, mid-tempo ballad”: “Cheryl is a big fan of Lana and was intrigued to hear she had lots of songs written which she wasn’t going to sing herself. She got hold of one and was really taken with it”.

It seems we can tentatively await Cole’s new album, which is said to feature collaborations with such sundry music celebs as Eminem and Nicki Minaj, later this year.

The Sun, the sharp-eyed tabloid that it is, has also sparked a very strange rumour regarding Pete ‘no more injecting drugs for me, thanks’ Doherty, reporting that the pasty-faced former Libertine has set about rebranding himself as a hip hop artiste. Doherty is alleged to have enlisted The Streets’ Mike Skinner for the venture, and to have bought several tracksuits to look the part.

It’s over to that mysterious Sun source again, who says of Doherty: “He has actually said he wants to be Britain’s answer to Eminem. He has told us he’s started writing hip hop songs”.