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Uri Geller releases national anthem of the “nation” of Lamb Island

By | Published on Friday 12 August 2022

Lamb Island

Uri Geller has released a recording of the national anthem of “the most mysterious country in the world, Lamb Island”. Called ‘My Island’, the song is performed by Geller himself.

Not officially a country, Lamb Island is a small cluster of rocks in the Scottish Firth Of Forth, owned by Geller since 2009. Fairly inhospitable, it has no residents, or even buildings, on it. Nevertheless, Geller is now inviting people to become citizens of this new (not) nation.

“I always wanted to own an island and in 2009 I got the chance”, he says. “Now you can be part of it too”. Claiming that Lamb is “a very special place – possibly the most mystical island in the world”, he goes on: “Something drew me to it and my instincts were confirmed by the incredible connections of the island to the ancient world, the Bible, and many extraordinary legends”.

“It also harbours mysterious powers”, he reckons, “sitting on leylines of energy linking it directly with historical sites of great intrigue and significance. I felt those leylines myself when I camped overnight on the island – planting there a crystal sphere that belonged to Einstein!”

“Every land needs its own identity – a constitution, a flag and an anthem – and Lamb is no exception”, he continues. “The anthem – ‘My Island’ – is a beautiful, ethereal, Scottish piece of music originally composed by James Russell, the great-grandfather of my dear friend and Scottish mentalist Drew McAdam, exactly 100 years before I bought Lamb. It was never recorded in James’ lifetime and I hope he would be proud of the amazing way it has been adopted”.

Yes, well, you can now be the judge of that. You can find out more about Lamb here, and watch the video for Geller’s fairly tuneless rendition of ‘My Island’ here: