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US firm set to acquire Koko

By | Published on Thursday 27 February 2014


Now, you might have always thought of Koko as just being an albeit charming gig venue in Camden, but what you may not have realised as you stood outside the former Camden Palace is that you were looking at an “internationally renowned premiere multimedia and lifestyle brand”. So now you know. I suppose quite a lot of telly things have been filmed there in recent years, and MTV took some of them global.

Anyway, this is all relevant today because a US company called Loton Corp has announced its intent to buy Koko, venue and brand. Loton CEO Robert Ellin said earlier this week: “We are excited to announce this letter of intent to acquire Koko’s brand and venue. Our team will assist in the expansion of Koko’s brand across the globe and the creation of a 360-degree music platform. We are elated to partner with Olly Bengough, Founder and CEO of Koko. His track record of building exceptionally profitable lifestyle brands in London fits perfectly with our assembly of a world-class team of executives and board members”.

Ah, 360-degree music platforms. They’re my favourite kind of music platforms. Loton’s acquisition of the Koko business is expected to be completed in the next three months.