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Van Outen: “Johnny wasn’t ready to share Capital show”

By | Published on Thursday 7 April 2011

Denise & Johnny

Denise Van Outen says that one of the reasons she quit the Capital FM breakfast show after just six months in 2008 was because she felt co-host Johnny Vaughan was not ready to share the limelight.

Vaughan, of course, had already been fronting Capital’s breakfast show for four years when the station paired him with his old ‘Big Breakfast’ presenting partner Van Outen in a bid to resurrect a double act that had worked well on the Channel 4 show. But Van Outen quit the radio programme six months later, officially because she couldn’t stick the early starts.

But according to Radio Today, she told Richard Bacon on 5Live this week: “He wasn’t happy that I joined in the first place. He made it quite clear. He was used to doing the show on his own so I felt a little bit uncomfortable being there”.

She added that since Vaughan had teamed up with current co-presenter Lisa Snowdon, he seemed to have readjusted to the double act thing, saying: “Of course now the show has changed completely and Lisa I think is absolutely lovely and great and it works brilliantly. I think it was just taking him some time to get used to the fact that there was somebody else in the mix and it wasn’t just him”.

She also revealed that the slight flop of their Capital pairing had tarnished her friendship with Vaughan, who she was no longer really in touch with. Van Outen: “It’s a shame because we were really good friends. It was a really difficult situation – it wasn’t a comfortable environment to be in. I did try and speak to him after I left but he sort of blocked me. It’s a shame but things happen and change you never know hopefully one day it’ll all sort itself out”.