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V&A’s David Bowie Is exhibition turned into VR experience

By | Published on Thursday 19 July 2018

David Bowie

The V&A’s touring ‘David Bowie Is’ exhibition has taken various forms since its original incarnation at the London museum in 2013. It was a boring old exhibition, like anyone could do. It becameĀ a filmed walk around that exhibition. And now it’s a virtual reality experience. Obviously!

Later this year, Sony Music Japan plans to release a digital version of the exhibition in collaboration with the David Bowie Archive and the V&A. It’ll allow you to wander round it all from the comfort of your own home, simply by strapping some special goggles to your face. Or a cardboard box that you’ve stuck your phone in. Whichever you like.

The show documents Bowie’s creative progression through various costumes and artefacts from across his five decade career. For the digitised version, these items have been 3D scanned to allow virtual viewers to get up close and explore them.

A press release says that the app “may even allow a spectator to virtually step into one of Bowie’s outfits and see themselves in it”. So also, it may not. The intrigue!

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