Vegas police drop Vince Neil assault investigation

By | Published on Friday 8 October 2010

A police investigation into assault allegations against Motley Crue man Vince Neil has been dropped after CCTV footage failed to verify the accuser’s claims.

One Jessica Radowicz reported Neil to the police in September claiming he manhandled her after she recognised him in a lift at a Hilton resort in Las Vegas. Radowicz claimed the incident had left her shaken up and bruised.

But a spokesman for the Las Vegas police yesterday said that, while they had investigated the claims, they were no longer pursuing the case because “the video [footage] does not show evidence of the victim being pushed. Furthermore, the alleged victim refused to make a statement, so the case has been cleared out”.

So, no assault charges for Neil to deal with. Though there is, of course, that outstanding DUI charge against the rocker. He is due to be arraigned on that charge next week.