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Vevo has a revamp

By | Published on Monday 4 November 2013


Good news for all of you who consume Vevo via its own website rather than YouTube. Anyone? Yes, you. Well, the Vevo site has had a revamp. And the video service’s other proprietary channels are set for a refresh too.

Says the company’s VP Product & Technology Michael Cerda in a blog announcing the changes: “I always tell people the best products are never done. They always change and evolve, otherwise they wouldn’t be the best products for long. At Vevo, we constantly challenge ourselves to evolve and make your experience better”.

He goes on: “Today’s changes feature a complete ground-up rebuild of our web and mobile web apps. We’re starting with web and mobile web today, but our mobile, tablet and TV apps will also be updated over the next few weeks. Whichever platform you prefer, the new Vevo includes a more prominent Vevo TV with multiple channels, plus new search, a video feed and even better ads!”

Fans of details can check out Cerda’s full blog here.