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Vevo launches in Germany

By | Published on Tuesday 1 October 2013


“Guten Tag Vevo”, or so said Germany this morning. Or maybe “Hallo Vevo” because that sort of rhymes. Though you might think that was a typo rather than the casual German greeting, and then this whole introduction wouldn’t work. I really wanted to find the German for “Yo Vevo”, but Google Translate couldn’t help me. Which isn’t surprising, because Vevo is launching in Germany without Google’s YouTube as a partner, and the web giant has clearly reprogrammed its translation service to be anti the German version of the video service.

Anyway, yes, as expected, Sony and Universal owned music video site Vevo has finally launched in Germany after negotiating a deal with the country’s publishing sector collecting society GEMA. The organisation famously has YouTube on its “very evil, do not licence” list, meaning that Vevo couldn’t launch in the country, as it has elsewhere, via the Google video platform. Which means the German launch will test Vevo’s abilities to generate traffic away from YouTube, via its own growing portfolio of apps and whatnot.

As Vevo arrived in its thirteenth territory this morning, the company’s Senior VP International, Nic Jones, told CMU: “From the day I joined Vevo with a mandate to expand the video platform’s global presence, a launch in Germany was my top priority. It took us two years of hard work to get to this day and I couldn’t be more thrilled. German music lovers will finally be able to enjoy the immense depth and breadth of our catalogue and the fabulous Vevo Originals – anytime, everywhere and on all devices”.

Also das ist alles gut. Ich frage mich, wie gut Google Translate wird mit diesem Zeichen-off Satz zu tun. Ich denke, nur unsere deutschen Leser wird es jemals wissen.