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Vevo serviced ten billion views last month

By | Published on Thursday 5 February 2015


Veeeeeeevo, which I’ve now started saying in the style of the Trio biscuit ads from the 1980s for some reason, has released some stats goodness for you all to enjoy.

The top line figure it’d most like you to consume is that over ten billion videos were consumed on the music video platform last month. Or 10,335,997,898 to be precise. Which is all the more impressive when compared to the 5.4 billion Vevo video views that occurred in January 2014.

Perhaps also worth noting is that nearly half of those videos were accessed on mobile or connected TVs. The latter is particularly important (and the former too where users are using Vevo’s own app), because the Universal/Sony-owned music video service has long been keen to exist beyond its YouTube channels.

As you’d probably expect from a digital music start-up – even one majority owned by the majors – Vevo is less forthcoming on its financials. Though, while loss-making like all the other streamers, at least its two primary shareholders are earning from the royalties Vevo pays out.

Nevertheless, for Sony and Universal, and their early backer in the venture Abu Dhabi Media, you sense there is still the hope of a big pay day if and when the company can be sold, even though a long-mooted sale has yet to materialise.

Perversely, given that Vevo has been so keen to be seen as more than just a YouTube channel operator, the company could potentially secure a bigger asking-price if it could spin itself more as ‘multi-channel network’ business than an ad-funded streaming music service, given how highly Maker Studios was valued when it was bought by Disney.