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Vine adds musical whatnots in app upgrade

By | Published on Friday 28 August 2015


Twitter’s mini-video-message app Vine is having an upgrade and it is getting all kinds of musical. Well, I say that. They’re adding a ‘featured tracks’ section where users can pick soundtracks for their videos. And they’re adding a thing called Snap To Beat, which will help users trim the track so it loops nicely. And they will help other users identify what music appears in Vine videos. Which, I think sounds like Vine is getting all kinds of musical. I don’t know why there was all that doubt in my second sentence.

There has been some chatter of late in music circles, as video and messaging apps have started to encourage users to include music in their messages, as to how exactly such usage is being licensed. Though it seems that Vine will select music to appear in its ‘featured tracks’ tab and then licence it from the relevant labels and publishers.

That said, there is talk of the promotional value to artists of being featured in the Vine tracks tab, which is usually tech firm speak for: “give us your music for free, promo, promo, promo, promo, sell more t-shirts”. Which, by coincidence, is something I’m planning on having printed on a t-shirt.