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Vinyl buyers would rather be alone and not tell you how they’re feeling

By | Published on Thursday 11 August 2016


As we all know, vinyl continues to sell like hot cakes to a statistically insignificant percentage of the UK population. But who are these people flocking to Sainsbury’s and Tesco to get their latest analogue music fix?

Well, thanks to new YouGov research, we now know that they are most likely between the ages of 45 and 54, listen to a lot of music, love seeing their favourite bands live (but would probably rather go on their own) and tend to keep their feelings bottled up.

The survey found that 66% of vinyl enthusiasts couldn’t get through the day without listening to music, compared to 49% of all UK adults. Although that does seem like a strange question. Of course you wouldn’t die if you didn’t hear any music, but would you want to not hear any music at all? It doesn’t sound like a very enjoyable day.

The survey also found, as I mentioned, that vinyl buyers are more likely to keep their feelings a secret and enjoy spending time alone than the average UK adult. But only very slightly in both cases, so it’s probably not worth turning that into a headline. Ah well, too late, everyone’s done it now.

The main conclusion of the research is actually that young people – aged eighteen to 24 specifically – are a lot less likely to be interested in buying vinyl. And while the artwork and packaging might be attractive to core music fans of all ages, The Kids would actually prefer that cover artwork on a t-shirt. Which might be an issue if the vinyl revival is to be sustained long term.

Still, if you don’t like the sound of all that, you can just stick with this bit of research from 2013, which reckoned that young people were in fact putting all their cash into vinyl and therefore everything is fine.