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vKontakte as happy as the IFPI on copyright ruling, though not happy with IFPI

By | Published on Thursday 1 October 2015


Russian social network vKontakte is apparently all smiles after being ordered to beef up its anti-piracy takedown system by a judge this week. Mainly because the ruling on cases brought against it by Warner and Universal didn’t award the majors any damages.

As previously reported, a verbal ruling on the two lawsuits was made earlier this week, while the final judgement was provided in writing yesterday. All three majors launched action against the popular Russian site last year, though Sony pulled out in July after coming to a ‘goodwill agreement’ with the social media company, details of which are still unclear.

Expressing pleasure at this week’s ruling yesterday, vKontakte spokesperson Georgy Lobushkin told Billboard: “We are glad that the court supported our position and has declined to impose fines on VK. The court has also ordered that we make our ‘music copyright DMCA technology’ more effective, and we are constantly working on that”.

So business as usual, as far as the website is concerned. He also criticised the IFPI for commenting “on the judgement in the most advantageous way for themselves” before the final ruling had even been published.