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vKontakte signs piracy agreement with Russian telecoms regulator

By | Published on Wednesday 30 April 2014


Often controversial Russian social network vKontakte has reportedly signed a memorandum of understanding with the country’s telecoms regulator with regards how the firm deals with the distribution of unlicensed content over its networks.

The agreement has already been signed by numerous other Russian web firms, but has until now refused to sign up.

Despite at one point indicating it was seeking to work with the music industry, has come under increased criticism in the last few months from both the US government and the major music companies for allowing its users to share music files.

The memo of understanding in theory means that is agreeing to step up its takedown processes and fingerprinting technology, though it remains to be seen if and when that happens, and if it placates the majors, which launched litigation against the social networking firm earlier this month.