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VMG Salsoul sues Moby over alleged sample use

By | Published on Wednesday 26 March 2014


Having lost its legal battle against Madonna over a sampled “single horn stab” in 1990 single ‘Vogue’ last year, New York record label VMG Salsoul is having another go. This time taking on Moby.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, VMG says that Moby used uncleared samples of a recording it owns, ‘Let No Man Put Asunder’ by First Choice, on his 1992 songs ‘Next Is The E’ and ‘Thousand’.

It’s not clear how much of the earlier track the label claims was taken, though probably not much because, as in the Madonna case, the alleged unapproved sampling was only uncovered at this late stage with the use of advanced audio technology not previously available.

VMG lost its ‘Vogue’ case after a judge ruled that “no reasonable audience would … recognise the appropriation”. The company is currently in the process of appealing that judgement. Meanwhile this new litigation is seeking damages of up to $150,000 from Moby, Sony/ATV, Warner Music Group and Knitting Factory Records, plus profits and legal fees.