And Finally

Walsh says no Girls Aloud feuding

By | Published on Tuesday 11 May 2010

Kimberley Walsh says that while she has “grown apart” from Nadine Coyle, there is no feuding going on in Girls Aloud. She told Cosmo: “People look for conflict where there isn’t any. In any group, there will be people you are really on the same wavelength as and others where it’s different. But it doesn’t mean we’re not friends. Nadine lives in LA now, so it’s inevitable you grow apart”.

She said she was closest to Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts, adding: “I don’t know why we’ve bonded like we have but I’d count them among my best friends. I look back at certain moments and think, ‘What would I have done without them?’ I wouldn’t have coped”.

So that’s nice, isn’t it? That’s given you all a warm glow, right? And yes, we really struggled to find a decent ‘and finally’ story today.